Social Pet™ Camera & Treat Dispenser

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The new Social Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser System lets you see, treat, and share your pet’s best moments from anywhere. Set up the web camera and treat dispenser in your home near where your pet likes to hang out. The interactive installation tool walks you through setup in a series of straightforward steps. Interact with your pet using the Social Pet Facebook application (Facebook account required). You and your Facebook friends can watch live video feed, take snapshots, share photos, and give your pet his favorite treat. Now you can rest easy knowing what your pet is up to while you're away.

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Key Features

  • The first camera and treat dispenser system for pets, exclusively from PetSafe
  • Check in on your pets when you're away and enjoy watching them from anywhere
  • View and treat your pet remotely with the desktop or mobile app
  • Let your Facebook friends share photos and treat your pet
  • Set which friends can use Social Pet and set approved treating times
  • Secure, wireless web camera pans and tilts to pick up everything your pet does
  • 300° horizontal/120° vertical camera pan/tilt & 640x480 pixel resolution display
  • Easy setup in minutes with universal plug 'n play routers


  • Compatible with Windows PC (with Windows XP or newer OS) and MAC (with Mac OS X Lion or newer OS). Works best with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Not compatible with airport or AirPort Extreme.
  • Works with dry kibble or treats up to 1/2 inch in size (slightly smaller than a dime)

More Information

The Social Pet camera and treat dispenser system lets you share your pet's best moments from anywhere. It's easy to get social. Plug the camera into a standard wall outlet and set up the camera in a few short steps. Sync the treat dispenser to the camera and fill the dispenser with your pet's favorite dry treats or kibble. Call our Customer Care Center if you need help installing your system. Now your pet's connected!

Social Pet lets you see what your pet does all day, whether he's eating, playing with toys, or getting into mischief. Watch your pet from the Facebook desktop or mobile app. Add multiple cameras around your house and view them all from 1 account. You can give your Facebook friends access so they can view and treat your pet too. Set access for certain friends and certain times when they can view the camera video.

Prefer to keep access to your pet private? Use the Facebook app without giving your friends viewing or treating access. It's that easy! The camera uses a secure wireless connection with an encrypted password that changes when a user interacts with the camera. For extra security, choose strong passwords for your router and Facebook account and change them every 90 days. Log out of your Facebook account when you're not interacting with your pet.

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User Testimonials

“Simply love it! Having another user control the camera is awesome. Also having the ability to treat my dog when I'm not in the room is the best thing about it.” –Judith D.

“I think Social Pet is a lot of fun! ...I loved that I could give treats from far away! Everyone I showed it to seemed to enjoy it as well.” –Joshua C.

“...I think I have separation anxiety worse than my pets do. It's nice to be able to "hang out" with them during the day while I'm at work.” –Brittany G.

“I LOVED the camera and treat dispenser. It was priceless while we were on vacation.” –Connie C.

“It has given me some insight as to how they behave when I am not around. I learned my little doggy needs something for separation anxiety.” – Serena E.

These reviewers were In-Home Use Testers and were given a free product for testing purposes.

System Includes

  • Universal plug 'n play wireless web camera with pan/tilt functionality
  • Remote treat dispenser
  • Ethernet cable
  • Wall mount hardware
  • Power adaptor for web camera
  • 4 AA batteries for treat dispenser

Social Pet™ Camera & Treat Dispenser


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Excellent Product!, 2/19/14
Do you ever wonder what it is that you animals are doing while you are slaving away at work? If so, the SocialPet is defeinitely for you. I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on a camera/treater set up when they became available.

Right out of the box, the system was extremely user friendly. About 10 minutes plugged in to my router while using the online wep portal provided by Petsafe and we were in business!

Then came the chore of where to stash the devices. For right now we have it near our front door on a coffee table (my significant other and I are renters and didn't want to go drilling holes at our landlords place). The set up is fantastic. It allows us to see the entire downstairs of the house (where the animals are during the day) and good visability to the treater which we placed on our mantle where my pig of a boxer couldn't get to it :-).

We used the Facebook and mobile phone apps to give access to select family members that happen to love our animals as much as we do :-). Its amazing, my dog has learned that when the camera spins towards the treater, all she has to do is look in to it and she will get a yummy reward!

For anyone that is looking to keep a better eye on your pets during the day, or lives away from your family, this product is a fantastic and user friendly way to stay connected!

Thank you PetSafe for a great product!

(This reviewer was an In-Home Use Tester and was given a free product for testing purposes.)

Love this camera, 2/18/14
I have had this camera for several months. We have learned a lot about the behavior of our animals when we aren't around. We also used it when we found a sick lost cat and we were fostering it back to health. That way we could watch him and his interactions with the other animals when we weren't around. You can also allow your friends and family to view your animals as well. It is just a really neat little camera.

(This reviewer was an In-Home Use Tester and was given a free product for testing purposes.)

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