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You and your cat can enjoy the freedom of having a litter box that’s always clean. The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System is an innovative, self-cleaning litter box that cleans continuously and automatically. Its quiet, slow-moving conveyor system constantly sifts the litter and removes waste, making one full rotation every hour. All you need is clumping cat litter and recycled plastic bags for a fast, affordable cleanup. Cats up to 15 pounds can easily use the Simply Clean, and it's also great for multi-cat homes.

To purchase accessories or replacement parts, contact Customer Care.

Key Features

  • Minimal scooping necessary
  • Quiet and simple to use
  • Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat
  • Bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour
  • Reduces foul odor and odor-causing bacteria
  • Uses clumping litter and recycled plastic bags (not included)


  • For cats up to 15 pounds
  • For indoor use only

More Information

No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess

The Simply Clean is the only cat litter system that cleans and removes waste continuously and automatically. Waste is sifted through and moves up the conveyor belt and into the waste container. Fill the litter box with premium clumping, scoopable cat litter for best results. To clean up, simply remove the waste container and dump your cat’s waste in the trash. Unlike other automatic litter boxes, there are no additional accessories to purchase. The waste container can be lined with small trash bags or recycled shopping bags for easy cleanup.

Because the Simply Clean works 24/7, bacteria and odor are reduced, so your cat’s litter box will always be clean and fresh-smelling. The environmentally-friendly Simply Clean uses a low-voltage AC adapter, so you can leave it plugged in all day or for just an hour or two every day. With the Simply Clean, you’ll also use less litter than with a regular litter box. The Simply Clean is whisper-quiet and has no visible moving parts, so your cat won’t be frightened or disturbed while using it.

Cats can be picky about their litter box; if you or your cat aren’t happy with the Simply Clean, return it within 30 days for a refund. Have more questions? Visit our FAQs page.

System Includes

  • AC adaptor
  • Instructions and packaging in English and French


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awesome system when it works properly , 3/24/14
This is an awesome auto cleaning litter box. I own 3 cats and having one of these meant that they always had a clean box to do their thing.

Unfortunately, the whole system depends on their gear system to rotate the pan to the conveyor area. The motor gear is metal, great choice, but the pan gear it plastic, horrible choice. The way it comes assembled, the gears do not fit well, imagine tip to tip contact. After some time passes, the plastic gear tip wears out and the rotation stops, no more clean box for the cats to use. I have disassembled the whole unit to clean out the loose litter that falls inside as well as taken preventive measures to keep the littler from falling but the gear misalignment was too much and the plastic gear gave out.

I see that they offer the replacement kit here but it still uses the plastic gear. I would love to have this box fixed and working since I'm currently doing the scooping but I would rather have the problem fixed rather than just putting a band aid on it.

Besides, I only need the pan gear, not the motor or the plastic mounting base.

"OK" product, Great customer service!, 3/5/14
have had less than a year replaced both motors and finally the whole unit, thanks to the great customer service they were no cost to me!

I don't know why they had to change the design!!!!!, 2/21/14
Hi, I bou ght this litter box three years ago, and we have three cats that love it along with my wife! Unfortunately the spinning bowl was stuck in one position and not rotating, so we contacted customer service and they were very nice to deal with. They sent a new gear that turns the bowl free of charge even though the warranty was up! After installing it I noticed that the bowl would spin counter clock wise, then it would spin the other direction causing it to plug up......So I ordered a new one and my wife noticed the conveyor was not picking anything up only to find the bar that causes the fingers to move had broken off. So I thought to borrow the conveyor part that broke off the old one, only to find out that they changed the design and the new one has thinner metal bars that allow the fingers to convey the droppings. So I contacted customer service and they are the best people and told me to send them a copy of the receipt and they would send a new one! Their customer service department is the best I have ever dealt with. And I would like to say that I love this idea but the new one has lighter made metal than my older one. And I hope it is just a fluke that the bar broke right at the bend. Other than this, it is the best litter box out there in my book!

Would be perfect if it included a dome or shield, 2/17/14
We just purchased this item, so we haven't had time for any motor issues like other customers have reported. I think I would love it, if only it included a dome or shield of some sort to keep the cats from kicking the litter outside the container.

We have two smaller cats, and although they like to scratch the litter when they do their business, they haven't caused a mess with our previous, non-automatic litter boxes, probably because the sides of this receptacle are much lower. Is there something we can attach to the edges that would help with this problem?

Otherwise it seems like a good product. It's very quiet and I love that we can use any kind of litter or baggies with it. The cats adapted to it immediately. Please tell me there's something we can attach or add that will solve our scatter problem!!!

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We are always looking for ways to improve our products and we do appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Due to the design of this product, a hood would not be able to fit properly, but there is a Litter Guard included with the Simply Clean that is designed to help minimize litter from leaving the bowl. Please know that we do offer other the Sweep One Litter Boxes that have the privacy hood accessory. These products can be viewed by using the Link below.


Loved it but, 2/12/14
I loved the simply clean litter box but after about 9 months the motor started getting real hot and stopped working.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We are happy to hear that you have had success with your Simply Clean® Litter Box System! If your conveyor or bowl motor has stopped functioning, please know that replacements are available. This product does have a 1 year limited warranty, and we are happy to offer replacement assistance. The motors are also available on our website and you can access them by using the link below. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.


Great product, just a terrible condition to work in!, 2/4/14
The wife and I really do love the Simply Clean Litter Box, unfortunately this product has to work in a really terrible environment, and I don't mean just crappy. The dust from the litter must cause a lot of motor failures, and our unit was one of them. We are happy to say the warranty was covered with no problems and a new motor is on the way. I would like to thank the customer care dept.

Rick Howard

Nice Design, 1/24/14
I love this litter box's cost effective, silent, efficient operation. I've had it six months, however, and the conveyor mechanism stopped working. I took it apart, sprayed the moving parts of the conveyor with WD-40 and cleaned out the litter that had accumulated under the the bowl. Voila...problem solved.
The fact this device scoops waste into free plastic grocery store bags, makes this occasional maintenance quite worthwhile.. A far superior product that those noisy, expensive back-and-forth rake systems with their proprietary plastic containers.
Make sure you use good clumping litter.
My two cats love it. :)

Good Design, Some Flaws, 1/14/14
Was owner of Litter Robot for many years. My Himalayan over the past few months developed the habit of not turning around and spraying out the door. Unit had to go. Saw this and was impressed with the design, etc. Read all the reviews about product before purchasing with all the fixes, etc. Purchased through Amazon and set up unit per instructions, with thoughtful consideration to all reviews read. Motors were a little noisy, but used some dry silicone spray (which is safe for plastic parts) on the bottom motor and also the wheels and pan. Noise problem solved. However, found that the guard kept coming loose from under the "lift" and would turn around to back side.

Design flaw #1: The litter lift ramp pivots up when the screws are loosened to get to the littler tray. The pivot goes INTO a hole on the top near the litter buck on the side with the screw, but only SETS into a "slot" on the side near the tray and where the guard hooks under to keep from sliding around. Fix: I simply put a small screw which fit in between the round pivot peg and underneath the front edge of the "slot". Used a screw as it would "screw" in over the top of the peg and under the front edge of the slot. Holds the lift ramp down now on the inside and against the guard. No more moving around.

Design flaw #2: The litter ramp cover does not hold down well on the two pegs provided. Fix: I put about 1 and 1/2 wrap of painter's tape around the peg on the litter lift. The cover holds down on the pegs snugly now. No more lifting off.

While the front side of the box looked too small for my Himalayan to use, it actually had more area than the inside of the Litter Robot. He has never had a problem with switching to a new litter box fortunately. I simply put the raked litter from the old box into it. He used it no problem.

Great box with "small" fixes.

Initial cost is not total cost of product, 1/7/14
The litter box itself is decent. I never have issues with clumps getting stuck or small pieces falling out of the conveyor. My only issue with this product is the poorly made motors. The motors only have a year warranty. Funnily enough, right after my year warranty was up, one of the motors broke. I ordered a new one at an ok cost (expensive when considering how frequently it needs to be ordered). Once it arrived, I placed the new motor on. A day later, the other motor broke. I had to order another motor and wait for the second one to arrive before the litter box was truly up and running. I literally had a non-working litter box for a month and a half (standard shipping takes 10-14 days so I had to wait a month just for the two motors to come in). I have read other reviews where the motor is also the issue. I think you have to expect to buy new motors every year. This being said, the initial cost of the product is not the only payment you will need to make. You should also expect to buy the replacement motors throughout the product's life. Other litter box brands usually last years without the motor dying, however there are issues with the rack getting caught and what not. You'll need to decide what's more important to you. Spending money in the beginning, but having small, fixable issues throughout, or spending money on motors every year to have a simple litter box that doesn't require much maintenance. I personally wish I had used the money for another brand...

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We are sorry to hear that the design of the Simply Clean® Litter Box System has failed to meet your expectations! Please know that even outside the 1 year warranty, we are still able to offer replacement assistance. We are always looking to improve our products, and we do appreciate your time and feedback on the quality of this device and its motors. Please know that this information has been passed on to the appropriate team for review. To learn more about the replacement options we have available, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.

Great concept and design, but unreliable. Needs an update., 12/14/13
I purchased a simply clean litter box 12-18 months ago. It's the first automatic litter box I've had, and upon doing a good bit of research, it did appear to be one of the best for the initial price, continuing price of regular use, and design. No special litter required and no special bags or trays necessary; simply use a plastic bag for easy emptying and your usual litter. Big positives on those aspects.
As far as the design, it is indeed a great concept. There's nothing to go wrong except two motors. One motor drives the conveyer the moves waste to the bucket, and the other rotates the litter box an entire rotation every hour. Seems simple.
Except the fact that I've now had two motors for the litter box rotation die on me. The first lasted 8-9 months (I can't recall exactly when I purchased the litter box) and unfortunately, I did not save the receipt that long. In any case, a replacement was as simple as calling the company, going through a few menus on the phone, and speaking with a very helpful and knowledgeable representative. Replacement cost was less than expected and had the litter box working again within two weeks.
Now, I find myself in the same situation 6 months later. Once again, the motor has burned itself up. I clean the box regularly, to include lifting the tray and cleaning out the under side probably monthly. And yet... Bam.
Extremely disappointed, especially as I leave in a week for the holidays, planning to be gone for several weeks and assuring a friend that checking on my cat would be minimal work (as the waste bin doesn't fill up for at least a week). Now it appears I'll be on the phone Monday with PetSafe, hoping they can expedite shipping and get a new one to me by end of week at their expense. I have had this product for no more than 18 months and am looking at half the original cost simply in replacement parts. I had planned on purchasing one of these for family, but will be avoiding that now.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We apologize that you've had this experience with your litter box system. While we understand how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning litter box especially around a holiday season, we are happy to know that we were able to assist you with a replacement. Please know that your system does carry a 1 year limited warranty, and the same warranty applies to each replacement motor purchased at retail. We are always striving to improve our products, and we appreciate your time and feedback.