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ScoopFree® Dye-Free Crystals Litter Trays- 6-Pack

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I love this product. I have 5 cats. Maintenance of the litter boxes used to be such a drag. But my cats all of love the scoop free system. The electronics of the boxes have been working in all 4 systems for over 4 years with no issues, and you can just monitor the color of the litter and toss the entire box when it's time for a change and throw down a new one. No muss, no fuss, no scooping, no daily chore. I have a bad back, so this is a huge plus for me. Plus, it keeps the box nice for the cats too. Their box is always clean. The area always smells nice. I get the litter boxes shipped to my door. Easy as pie to keep up with my zoo. I spend my time loving them, not dealing with maintenance. <3