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ScatMat®- Couch Size 12" x 60"

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My 75 pound husky mix loves the couch more than any other spot, and I despised sitting in piles of fur to watch a movie. I would have to stack chairs and boxes on the couch to prevent her from staying there while I was out, and it was pretty tacky. Bought this mat, which covered enough surface area on our very long couch for a large dog to not be able to find a comfortable spot. She ignored the lower setting, twitching her ears but still being stubborn. The higher setting had her dancing around until she figured out that it really was the couch trying to bite her, and she hasn't been up since. After a few weeks I removed the mat and she still won't jump up even if I motion to the couch.

The shock feels like any other static pop, like touching a metal doorknob on carpet. Nothing terribly strong, but frequent enough to be *extremely* annoying if you're stubborn enough to stay put. It runs on a 9v battery and lasted us for months, far longer than I needed it to.

A tip: put the mat on the couch when your dog is NOT watching, that way they're less likely to figure out the mat itself is the problem. A thin sheet placed over the top is even better.