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Replacement door flap for the Freedom Aluminum Pet Door, Plastic Pet Door, Extreme Weather Door, and Freedom Patio Panel Pet Doors. Also called the Freedom Replacement Flap.

For the Extreme Weather Door, this is the vinyl flap on either side of the yellow insulated flap. If you need to replace the middle flap, you will need to purchase an Extreme Weather Insulated Flap Kit.


Small children can pass through door.
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Key Features

Easy do-it-yourself replacement


  • Soft, tinted single flap with magnetic closure
  • Compatible with Freedom Aluminum Pet Door, Plastic Pet Door, Extreme Weather Door, and Freedom Patio Panel Pet Doors™

More Information

How to Replace Your Door Flap

To replace the flap in your pet door, remove the screws from the interior frame of the pet door. Remove the bar and old flap(s). Fit the new flap in the frame. Reposition horizontally and vertically if needed. Replace bar and tighten screws.

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Sizing Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimensions Fits These PetSafe Pet Doors:
    Freedom Aluminum Plastic Extreme Weather Freedom Patio Panel
Small 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" Small Small Small Small
Medium 8 1/8" x 11 3/4" Medium Medium Medium Medium
Large 10 1/8" x 15 3/4" Large Large Large Large, Large-Tall
Extra Large 13 5/8" x 23" Extra Large Extra Large    

Replacement Flap


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This door is a must-have if you have pets!!, 7/7/14
We had to special order this door at Lowe's, but once it arrived and we installed it, the pets have simply adored it. I have a siamese cat that loves to hunt and go outside and even though I've tried to 'ground' him and keep him indoors, he just loves to go out. For our dogs, it's been a blessing. We are a big dog family and it's wonderful that they can go in and out during the day while we work. Not having to open the door and close the door whenever they want out or in is awesome too. When my boxer started getting up in years, he couldn't hold his bladder for as long as he used to (I guess it happens to all of us!) and the pet door helped him so much since he didn't have accidents in the house. Saved me from spending a fortune on puppy pads too, which stink up the house. Now, we have a 9 week Cane Corso puppy and he learned how to utilize the door after 2 days or so and it's helping him learn to go out whenever he needs to!! Thank you PetSafe for making these pet doors, but more importantly for making the replacement flaps continuously available and reasonably priced! Our big dogs go out and come in a lot, as they like to keep tabs on their back yard, so they wear out often. Seems so often in life that you find something great, but then the replacement parts are no longer made. We tell everyone how much we love our pet door. Thank you again!

Flap Attachment modifications, 5/24/14
For $40 bucks the replacement flap is a BUY. Anything like this that gets a lot of use will wear out eventually.
We could not get along without it and the retrievers give it a real work out. I did try a modification that has worked pretty well on the last 2 or 3 flaps I replaced that might be helpful to others and possibly for the company to review for product immprovements.

It has been a while since I bougt the entire door kit (original install), so I think this info is correct.I used some small washers at the screw connections to spread the load of the small screw out somewhat. Pretty effective but I think when our housekeeper tries to clean the door she pulls on it and still splits the plastic at the screw connections.Next I am going to try a drilled aluminum bar on the inside of the flap door connections to further spread out the load the screws create when tightened into the plastic. The plastic has very little tensile strength compared to the screw head when tightened.

Company might consider this as an option for some if not all the plastic doors as a product improvement, especially for large animals or excessive usage.

Love it!, 4/18/14
I've had my dog door for a couple of years now, and it's been a lifesaver! I have two large and destructive dogs......and am just now needing to replace my flap. It's served it purpose well, and I look forward to another couple of years with my new flap.

To those who have complaints, I have this to say: It's a dog device, and it no doubt recieves a great amount of "use" from whatever size dogs you may have. Let's be's a plastic flap designed to save you the trouble of letting your dog in/out throughout the day. You can't expect it to be 100% airtight and not have a small amount of air leakage (or whatever else your complaint may be). In fact, most actual house doors don't seal 100%. If you dont like the product, then dont use it.........but don't complain when you have to let your dog in and out 20+ times a day.

On that note, my dogs and I thank you for making our lives easier!

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