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Yard & Park Remote Trainer Replacement Collar Strap

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Sportdog Tough11/12/15
Have had these collars (2) for both my dogs... Just like everything else Sportdog they are tough... Well worth the peace of mind knowing it won't break...$20 for a replacement after 4 years of mud and water and anything else you can come up with...Plus Sportdogs customer service is outstanding... I'm a customer for life

If you are figuring on using this collar for salt water use, you might want to find an alternative. The salt will build up in the inside of the buckle swinging pin. This will corrode the pin to where it will either freeze in place where the collar can not be buckled and the pin will break off from being weakened by corrosion. This is in spite of being rinsed off in fresh water after use. The salt still finds a way to creep into the buckle. If the buckle were made of a salt resistant metal (stainless steel? bronze? other?) with adequate strength, it would be a much needed improvement. For the price of the collar replacement, I would have expected more life than the approximately one and a half years before it failed. This collar was for my daughter's dog and she purchased it as part of the field trainer.

If the collar were used exclusively in fresh water it would be recommended but if used primarily in salt water, I can not recommend it.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We're sorry you experienced trouble with your collar. We do recommend rinsing the collar thoroughly after use in salt water. This means to wash off all of the salt. If the collar is thoroughly rinsed the salt will not have a chance to build up. Hopefully this helps in the future.

Over Priced!8/30/13
How can the good-old-boys at SportDOG think a dog collar should cost $19.90 by the time you paid the shipping? Of course your stuck because these are the only ones that fit.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We apologize if you are uncomfortable with the price, and it does vary by residence and type of shipping what final cost will be. We understand your hesitation for the purchase amount, but the reason this is more expensive than a typical generic collar is because they are made tougher. Most hunting and sporting dogs put more wear and tear on a collar than a typical house dog is likely to and we have to build our E-Collar Straps to stand up to that expectation. If an e-collar breaks in the field it can be very bad news for the dog and the owner. For this reason, we only use the best and most trusted materials in our collar straps. This does add a bit of cost, but our hope is that it's worth the extra protection in the field.

Quality Value and Price Nice Thanks