Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ Collar

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This is a great system. Too bad the collars are so cheaply made. One of the transmitters fell off of the collar somewhere in our yard. We have 2 dogs and they like to play and run around so who knows where the piece went that attaches it to the collar. Guess we'll have to purchase another one....for $160.00....What a rip off. The extra bad news is that we now have a 3rd dog...Two collars @ 160.00 each is totally unreasonable. Cheaper to buy a whole new system.
Bottom line is the quality is ok if you have dogs that just lay around all day.


Thank you for your feedback, Audrey. We're sorry to hear that your collar device has gone missing! Please know that this is not normally what we see with this system. We would like more information about your experience. Please reach out to us privately so we can work with you to find a good solution!

It is worth mentioning that these types of collars are designed with removable probes in order to change the probe length or switch out the strap. While the probes normally hold tight without issue, they can loosen with regular usage so it is recommended to tighten them regularly. Since the collar device is held onto the strap by the probes, this may help to avoid this type of issue going forward.