Pawz Away® Outdoor Pet Barrier

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The Barrier Transmitter, disguised as a rock in your landscape, sends a circular radio signal to your pet’s Receiver Collar. When your pet enters the Barrier Area, he’ll hear audible tones from the Receiver Collar followed by a safe, progressive static correction. The correction is delivered through the Contact Points of the collar that touch his neck. He’ll quickly associate the correction with the area you’ve declared off-limits. Add an unlimited number of Extra Outdoor Pet Barriers and Extra Receiver Collars to fit your needs.

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Key Features

  • Protect an area up to 16 feet in diameter wirelessly or up to 150 feet with buried wire (not included)


  • For dogs and cats 5 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6 - 28 inches
  • Adjust range up to 16 feet (wireless) or 150 feet (wired)
  • Automatic safety shut-off: correction stops after 15 seconds
  • Add extra barriers for any number of protected areas
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional collars
  • Progressive Static Correction- Starts at the lowest level and increases to maximum in 3 seconds
  • Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar
  • For outdoor use only
  • Transmitter uses 4 D batteries (not included); receiver collar uses two 3-Volt lithium batteries (included)
  • Compatible with:
    • Pawz Away® Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar (RFA-377, PWF00-13664)
    • Pawz Away® Indoor Pet Barrier (ZND-1200)
    • Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier (PWF00-13665)
    • Pawz Away® Threshold Pet Barrier (PWF00-14406)
    • YardMax® Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ (PIG00-11115)

More Information

Wire Option

Create a custom shaped barrier using up to 150 feet of wire (sold separately). See swingset illustration.

Wireless Option

Quick and easy set-up: just place the rock and set the range, covers up to 16 feet in diameter.

System Includes

  • Waterproof Barrier Transmitter (4 Alkaline D batteries required, not included)
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar with two 3-volt lithium batteries
  • Operating and Training Guide
  • Test Light Tool

Pawz Away® Outdoor Pet Barrier


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Barrier range not as stated, 7/21/14
My situation is that I one portion of my yard that is protected by the neighbor's wire fence. The rest of the yard is protected by a privacy fence. Our dog, a cane corso mix, recently figured out that she could jump the nieghbor's fence. Then she jumps it again at the front of their yard and is free. So we only have about 10 feet of fence to block off. My plan was to put the rock halfway in the middle of the fence and it would create a barrier big enough to cover the length of the fence. However at the highest setting I get maybe a 3 foot radius of barrier. The collar works and she is avoiding the area, but I don't figure it will take her long to realize that she can still get to the fence at the ends.

We are going to try attaching a wire to it before giving up. But really wish the product would have worked as described.

Poorly designed, 4/13/14
The strap broke within a week of out door use. I went to the store, but they don't sell the collar separately. Okay. I fixed it myself but figured it wouldn't last if I used it outside. Brought it inside to keep him out of the trash. Batteries died sooner than I thought they should have. When I replaced them, the threads stripped when I put the cover back on. Oh sure, you can buy replacement straps and battery covers, but for the price of the original product, you'd think buying replacement parts would be the exception, not the rule.
Now I'm usually a pretty laid back guy. This is the first time I've ever given a bad review. I decide to order a new collar, and for the heck of it, a new battery cover. I go to checkout my cart, and this is what finally set me off, I have to create an account. Really? I can't just buy it? So not only do they sell you inferior equipment that breaks, they're gonna make it even harder for you to buy the replacements. Wow. That's a marketing strategy that would make even Ron Johnson blush sheepishly. I say nuts to you petsafe. It's less frustrating and much easier to just clean up the kitchen garbage after work every day.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We are sorry to hear about the troubles you've encountered with your Pawz Away® Outdoor Pet Barrier system!
Please know that this product is backed by a 1 year limited warranty, and we'd be happy to offer replacement assistance.
We do offer replacement parts for those who are not under warranty, and are only looking to replace a particular part. For online shopping, we do ask that you create an account for security purposes, but please know that sales assistance is also available through our Customer Care Center.
For more information on the warranty, please view the link below, or contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.


I still have flowers! , 3/14/14
I own 2 German Shepherds. 1 that's 2 years of age, and another that is 8 months. I just recently spent a lot of money landscaping the yard and I planted flowers where the puppy enjoyed digging on the regular. I just got this yesterday, and she already will NOT go near her digging spot. Yes! I will be getting another one of these rocks for when I start my vegetable garden! I'm very very very satisfied with this product and would absolutely recommend it!

The only problem I ran into was she went into the range of where she shouldn't have been, I heard the collar beeping, but she wasn't reacting. So I looked in the book that was sent with the rock/collar, and it said that the hair could be blocking the skin so the collar doesn't give the slight shock. So I trimmed the hair on her neck and problem solved. No she does not have a patch of missing hair, lol you really can't tell I even trimmed it.

Thank you PetSafe for this great product!

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