Pawz Away® Extra Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter

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This product is Excellent and works for cats! I am about to purchase my 4th Pawz Away Pet Barrier for our indoor cat. We love our cat, but as all cat owners know they are smart and like to get into things. Pawz Away Pet Barrier has been great for this. Prior to that, our cat chewed around the edges of our brand new brown lacquer covered piano. We'd fix it and he'd chew again! Of all the pet toys and things around the house he chose this, but finally Pawz Away Pet Barrier (the big one - don't waste your money on the little one) kept him away. We have one on the Piano (good luck chewing now) and one hung low on the wall in a back hall to our kids bedrooms (he got into the nasty habit of pooping on their pillow - yuk). For those of you who think this might be cruel it isn't. It gives him a beep long before he gets a shock and he quickly learns that if he obeys he doesn't get shocked. The catch is that if it is used to keep him from entering an area (like my back hall) he learns he can run past the barrier with nothing but a beep on his collar and then he is on the other side! So we have to keep the doors on the other side closed so he won't run into those bedrooms. Oh, yeah he knows how to open doors or we would have just closed them in the first place and not bought the alarm. Now that the alarm is in place we don't have to LOCK the doors. The alarm is in the middle of the hall and the doors on the other side are closed (but not locked) so he can't run into the rooms to avoid the correction. My only complaint is that my first alarm only lasted 2 years, but nothing lasts forever and the Pawz Away Pet Barrier really works. - Mike