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unable to close per door, 12/27/13
I just spent a lot of money on a pre installed pet safe pet door from Homedepot. I was unaware that this particular per door did not come with the ability to close it. This is my first pet door and assumed all of them had the capability to close. Please pet safe take this product off of your line so no one else has to go through this very expensive and frustrating experience.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We apologize that you experienced trouble with your Panel Pet Door Insert. Please know that this door does come with a Snap-on closing panel pet door to allow you to close the door when not in use. If your door is missing this piece, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677 so that we may provide a replacement solution for you.

love it!, 12/7/13
I bought this doggie door for my 80lb yellow lab 2 years ago. Installed it by my myself---the template made all the difference. Buddy figured out how to use it in no time and it has been such a convenience for us both! At night and when I go out of town, I just snap on the heavy protective door barrier to keep unwanted visitors out. Once, I had accidentally left it on and Buddy tried to charge through the doggie door from the outside and the barrier door stayed in place. It's pretty secure. I'm so pleased with this product and it has held up very well. Love it!

Non closable door, 9/12/13
We used a PetSafe door for years at our old house. For our new home, we bought a door from HomeDepot on line with a pre-installed panel insert.

Our old door had the sliding plastic panel with a spring pin so you could keep your dog in, and the raccoons and alley cats out (and sometimes our dog when she is too wet to let back in).

This model ONLY comes with a flimsy plastic cover that wouldn't hold back a strong breeze, let alone an animal of any kind.

The very nice customer service lady tells me there is nothgin i can do to modify the door using PetSafe products. I am hundreds of dollars out on the door and the installation, and now i have to spend hundreds more to pul the entire panel out, replace with wood(?) and then buy a new dog-door and install.

You can't close this door - what use is that. Thanks guys....


We are sorry to hear that the closing panel has failed to meet your expectations. Please know that your comments have been passed on to the appropriate teams for review. Our records indicate that our Customer Care Team did offer a possible solution for the issue you are experiencing. Should you choose to reconsider this offer, please contact us at 1-800-732-2677 or by email. We would be happy to assist you.