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Pet MealCounter Plus

SKU# PAC00-14647

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Do you ever wonder if your pet has gotten a meal, medication, or walk? The MealCounter Plus is the perfect solution for busy households or pets who need medication multiple times a day. Choose what you want to remember with the counter, whether it's walks, meals, medication, or grooming. Check the MealCounter before giving your pet a meal or a walk. Press the button when you feed or walk your pet. The MealCounter Plus flashes once for each time your pet has been fed or given medication. The counter flashes about every 4 seconds. The counter resets itself every night, making it easy to follow a daily routine.


  • Flashing LED light tells you how many times your pet has been fed or walked
  • Counter resets every night
  • Free-standing or attaches to fridge, food bag, or chip clip
  • Perfect for keeping track of your pet's daily meals, walks, and meds
  • For indoor use only
  • Uses 1 CR2032 3-Volt Battery (RFA-35-11)

System Includes

  • MealCounter Plus
  • 2 adhesive mounting squares
  • 2 magnets for attaching counter to fridge
  • 1 CR20132 3-Volt Battery