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This martingale-style dog collar has an added quick-release snap buckle for easier on and off! Martingale collars are safer than choke chains or prong collars. Used with a leash or with your hand, the martingale collar tightens when your dog pulls and loosens when he stops, so it’s only tight when it needs to be. These collars give you greater control and reduce the risk of your dog slipping out and escaping.

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Key Features

  • Quick-snap buckle for easy on and off
  • Prevents dog from slipping out of the collar
  • Tightens when dog pulls and loosens when dog stops
  • Perfect for “escape artists” and breeds with necks larger than their heads
  • Not recommended for tie-out use


  • Made of nylon

More Information

To fit the collar:

  • Place the collar around your dog's head and snap the buckle.
  • Adjust the fit by pushing nylon through the metal slide.
  • When tightened with a leash or by holding the smaller loop like a handle, the 2 metal rings should touch directly behind your dog's ears.
  • Attach tags to the rectangle rings, not the D-ring.

Measuring Your Dog

Measure your dog around the top of the neck directly behind the ears (A). This measurement is the same as the collar in closed position (B).

Sizing Chart

Collar SizeCollar WidthFits Neck Sizes
Petite3/8 inch5-8 inches
Small3/4 inch8-12 inches
Medium3/4 inch10-16 inches
Medium1 inch10-16 inches
Large1 inch14-20 inches

Martingale Collars with Quick Snap Buckle


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Best I've found for extreme heat environments, 6/28/14
The functional design of this collar is beyond superior. However, it also has a feature (or lack thereof depending on how you look at it) that is extremely important to me that most people likely don't think about.....the amount of metal that comes in contact with my dog.
You see, I live in AZ where the heat is extreme four months a year, even in the shade. When you can't wear sandals or sunglasses with any metal design features, hanging earrings that may brush your neck, and are always conscience of how close your bare leg is to those keys hanging from the thinks twice about what one puts around the beloved pet's neck (and paws).
I don't know if minimal metal contact was a consideration during the design process or just a happy 'who da thunk', but it's made me a happy and loyal customer! -Thanks!

Best collar for rescues: dogs can't escape, 3/12/14
There is no safer collar than Premier's Martingale to use on new dogs in our rescue or for dogs going on a transport.

I will not ship a dog on any transport without this collar. Traveling is stressful, even going to the vet is stressful for a country dog who finds itself in traffic after a ride in a strange vehicle. Regular collars often slip off the necks and heads of a frantic dog. This collar will not!

When I get in new strays who don't have a clue what a collar is I can't risk them getting loose. Again, I depend on this collar for control and for the dog's safety.

When I taught dog obedience in the Public sector, the Martingale and the Gentle Leader were the collars I sold to my students and they quickly had their dogs in control and training was swift while the dogs' neck's were protected.

I have used the Premier Martingale since 2000. It is my basic collar of choice. Regular collars: I don't feel safe using them.

Love this collar!, 9/12/13
This collar works perfectly as described! It's high quality, and the dogs respond very well to it. I got it mostly because I foster rescues, and they almost always pull on a walk. This really helps train them not to pull in a most humane way, and it really works!

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