Laurelview Dog Kennel 5'w x 5'd x 5'h

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This handsome ornamental Laurelview Dog Kennel 5'w x 5'd x 5'h is ideal for decks, patios, yards, and garages. Easy to assemble and set up, the Laurelview Kennel will let your dog enjoy more fresh air and outdoor playtime. The assembled kennel size is 5 ft. W x 5 ft. D x 5 ft. H.

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Key Features

  • Strong construction to keep your pet secure
  • Durable rust-resistant, black powder coat finish
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly for one person in about an hour
  • SunBlock Top™ included to keep your pet cool

System Includes

All kennel materials and SunBlock Top included

Laurelview Dog Kennel 5'w x 5'd x 5'h


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Just what we were looking for...., 2/12/14
My wife and I (we are seniors) acquired 2 German shepherd/Belgian malinois-mix puppies7 months ago. They are 10.5 months old and, although they spend a good deal of time in the house with us (and our 3 indoor cats), they have been kenneled outside at night. We live in a rural area and there are many barking dogs in the neighborhood, along with night-time critters (possum, raccoon, rats, etc.) so barking is an occasional problem.

We bought the Laurelview kennel as a way to bring them into the garage at night (the cats sleep in the garage, too) hoping that they can sleep without distractions and reduce barking.

I was very pleased with the weight/strength of the metal construction. The finish on the metal was in good shape coming out of the box. Because of previous reviews detailing the difficulties in putting the kennel together I was a little apprehensive when I got started. I found the instructions to be logical and easy to follow. Yes, it would be a good idea to actually read and follow the directions. All of the parts were there. I didn't have to re-drill or jury-rig anything in order for pieces to fit. It took me about 2.5 hours start to finish and the only time I needed help was for alignment of the vertical bars (the more hands the better). I am confident this kennel will meet our needs for secure containment of 2 vigorous, large pups and it was money well spent.

Good buy for the money, 1/11/14
We rescued a 1 year old Boxer/Rhodesian ridgeback mix who had no training crate or otherwise and severe separation anxiety. We realized very quickly we had a problem on our hands and could not leave him in the house un caged and when put in a 42" crate that was very high quality and strong he broke out and broke the crate and injured himself in the process and went on a distraction rampage in the house. Other than not leaving the house (who can really do this) we were at our wits end. We finally found this at Petsmart and it was truly a life saver.

While the poles could be sturdier (it would be nice if they were not hollow) it has contained him very well and he adjusted to it nicely. He still hates being left, but he is no longer a danger to himself or the house when we leave.

As far as putting it together, my husband and I were able to set this up in just a little under and hour. While one person could assemble it having 2 people came in handy, especially when aligning all the poles and the top bar.

While the price of $200 may seem steep to some, I thought it was very reasonable considering the fact that for a sturdy high quality 42" crate we paid just over $160. This is much sturdier and safer and gives our dog a lot more room to help with his anxiety.

Not worth $200, 9/18/13
It says 1 person can set this up in a hour.. maybe if your superman. Its not as sturdy as you think it would be (looking at the picture). It came with a few extra parts but they shorted me 4 bolts (luckily I had some carriage bolts the same size). It seems like it was cheaply painted, as some rods had paint chips flaking off as I took it out of the box. The only good things were the size and looks of it (minus a few paint chips flaking off), but for $200 I was expecting a lot more for my money

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