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indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones

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Just got these chews this evening, thinking that the price and the "long-lasting chew" comment on the package would translate into a decent investment in my dog's enjoyment. She weighs 50 pounds, but there were not any medium sized chews available (as recommended for her size) so I bought the larger size. I was very disappointed that the "long-lasting chew" lasted for only ten minutes! That is NOT what I expected for a chew that cost $6 each. She loved it, but will not buy these again.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We appreciate your feedback on the indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones, Anita! For many pets, a new and delicious treat like the Fresh Floss Bones can be very exciting. We encourage pet parents to monitor their dogs while eating and to remove the treat if you see your pet gulping it. This not only helps prevent an upset tummy from eating a treat too rapidly, but also makes the treat available again at a later time. We understand every pet is different and it might be that a different type of indigo™ treat is a better fit for your girl. If you have any questions about our treats, please give PetSafe Customer Care a call at 1-866-738-4379.