FroliCat™ TWITCH™

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TWITCH bounces and swings an enticing teaser toy automatically. The toy moves and bounces like a feather teaser toy, simulating live prey and motivating your cat to keep batting and playing. Press the power button to launch a single play session, or press and hold to activate multiple sessions throughout the day. Now your cat can play while you’re away!

Key Features

  • Bouncing teaser toy with ball, feather, and bell entices your cat to play
  • Suction cup to attach TWITCH to any smooth surface
  • Electronic beep signals to your cat that a play session is about to begin
  • Single Play Mode launches a one-time 10-minute play session
  • Play While You Are Away™ Mode pre-schedules multiple play sessions throughout the day
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


  • Interactive toy
  • Part Numbers: PTY00-14684

More Information

  • Press power button for single play session. TWITCH will automatically swing teaser toy for 10 minutes.
  • Press and hold power button to activate Play While You Are Away™ mode. TWITCH will automatically turn on for multiple 10-minute play sessions throughout the day.
  • TWITCH will beep to notify your cat that a new play session is about to start.
  • While TWITCH is on, press power button again to turn TWITCH off and reset pre-scheduled play sessions to zero.


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Total disappointment, 12/6/13
The "twitch" is only about a 1/2 inch so the feathers barely, hardly, minimally move!!!
Best part was the sound indicating movement should start.
Don't bother with this toy.

Great toy, but not for my kitty!, 10/29/13
I absolutely love the idea behind Twitch. Our little one gets bored so easily, and I thought this would be perfect for her especially when she's all alone since she loves teaser toys.

Unfortunately she figured out very quickly that the base is what makes the teaser toy move and went right to that instead of the toy! Didn't take long before she managed to somehow dislodge the suction cup, knocking the base right over. Woops!

I imagine this would work great for some kitties, but mine was a little too smart for it!

Twitch is the Best of Them, 8/24/13
Twitch is purrrfect simply because it comes on during the day, signaling my cats with bird chirps that make them race into the room to play at intervals during the day, whether I'm home or not. They don't do this for any other toy. But the idea that they have a toy that gets them active, even if I'm not there, is what all mechanical toys should be about. This type of configuration should be available in all mechanical cat toys.

The only issues I have with it is that it only takes seconds for them to detach the toy from the elastic cord. So, I've reverted to not fixing it and they're still delighted.