Freedom™ Patio Panels (for frames up to 81")


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Freedom Patio Panel Pet Doors allow your pet to come and go as he pleases through your sliding glass door. These doors feature a heavy-duty aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. They’re also equipped with the energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system designed to keep the heat and cold outdoors.

If you have a recessed sliding glass door, you will need a Patio Panel Kit for Recessed Door Frame (not included). For more information on recessed doors, watch the video below or view More Info.


Small children can pass through door.
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Key Features

  • Weather stripping, glass sweep, and closing panel included for weather resistance
  • Fits left or right sliding glass doors up to 81 inches tall


  • Flexible, soft flap with UV sun protection
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with tempered glass
  • Easy installation with no cutting required
  • Locking latch

More Information

About recessed doors

An exposed sliding glass door frame is visible and exposed in the interior and exterior wall. You can see the track the door slides into. A recessed frame is flush with or barely visible in the interior or exterior wall. You can’t see the track the door slides into. If you have a recessed door, you will need a Patio Panel Kit (not included) to install your pet door.

Door Sizing Chart

Door Size Pet Size Flap Opening Depth Frame Width Rise Shoulder Height
Small Up to 15 pounds 5 1/4 x 8 3/16 3/4" 8 1/2" 1 3/4 10"
Medium Up to 40 pounds 8 1/4” x 13 3/16” 3/4" 11 1/2" 1 3/4" 14”
Large Up to 100 pounds 10 1/4” x 16 3/8” 3/4" 13 1/2" 4 1/4" 20 5/8"
Large Tall Up to 130 pounds 10 1/4” x 16 3/8” 3/4" 13 1/2" 8 1/4" 24 5/8"

Freedom™ Patio Panels (for frames up to 81")


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No forethought, 9/25/14
I bought the patio panel that door and just installed it today. The door looks of good quality and it was relatively easy to install. My biggest pet peeve is all of the screws and brackets are silver. Or a metal color. I bought a white door and I thought or at least I thought it was common sense for the screws to come white as well. I'll keep it because it does serve it's purpose but I really wish the brackets and the screws or white to match the door so they do not stand out as a do right now.

Minor design change needed for recessed application, 5/12/14
Important. Before you purchase this door, check to see if you have a recessed application. If you do, call Customer Support before your purchase or installation. I've called their Customer Support and they are very helpful.

Without a minor design change, this door will not fit perfectly flush with the sliding glass door on recessed applications. Also, the door latch won't close properly. The amount of difference may not be acceptable to some.

Design changes are needed for the patio panel top height adjuster and the lower portion of the patio panel frame nearest the sliding glass door. These two areas need a recess for the recess door brackets. With these two modifications, the patio panel would fit flush with the sliding glass door. The brackets for the recess installation are too long for a bottom center install even on a medium door. The instruction video states large door only.

The installation videos on the web site are very well done and helpful.

In conclusion, I and my dog are pleased with this door. I have experienced no issues as expressed in prior reviews.

Very good for moderate weather., 4/18/14
I certainly would not recommend this product for use in severe winter weather , but in moderate weather like we have here in Portland most of the yeat, it performed very well.

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