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Fencing Collars Accessory Pack

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I know we are not supposed to leave the collars on all the time, but we do, it's just easier for us and doesn't seem to bother our dogs. Because of this,they seem to lose the collar receiver with rambunctious movements and what not. So instead of having to buy $80 collar and receiver, we can just replace the missing pieces like the prong or a plastic washer at a reasonable price. As long as I'm not spending another $80 on a new collar set, I'm happy!

When ordering a second Receiver Collar Accessory Pack no mention is made that if your dog has long hair you will need to spend an additional $9.95 to purchase a pair of Long Contact Points. Not only is the cost prohibitive but the items should come as standard equipment and be included in the packaging. Another annoyance is that we must wait at least another week so we may collar our second dog to train them together. It seems penny-wise and pound-foolish as far as "Good Will" is concerned. Perhaps the price might be increased $5.00 and the Contact Points be included as standard equipment?

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We apologize that this Petsafe product failed to meet your expectations. Please know that many of our receivers do include the long contact points and this accessory pack is available for replacements of lost or damage probes, washers, clear caps, and screws. We do understand how frustrating waiting to train pets together must be, but please know we do have expedited shipping options available for those who may need the product quicker. If you'd like to discuss this issue further, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.