Insulated Flap Kit for Extreme Weather Pet Door™

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So we had bought the in the wall kit for the extreme weather pet door. This worked until our dogs were bored or something...I came home to bits of white foam all over the took a bit of investigation to find the source...our dogs had torn the edge open on the insulating flap and tore out all the foam insulation. We had the door for a little over a year so I thought that maybe it just was worn out so recently we purchased 3 replacement flaps to put one in each of our pet doors. well they aren't the easiest to install as a replacement. My husband has only installed one so far. The flap has been in for a little over a month and already the material is split so the foam is going to come out. I am thinking I might sew the edges closed to make it more difficult for the dogs...The material used is not the greatest, I don't know what could be used to make it better...


Hi there Kathleen, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about your experience with your insulated flap, and we are here to help! We would love to speak with you and gather some more information about your door setup and pets, and further assist you with a suitable solution. For further product help, please reach out to us at 1-800-732-2677. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

5 Years ago bought this type of door because I live in Arizona. I feel the heat has really dropped in the kitchen where the door is. With the regular doors (without the yellow flap) it seemed like every year I had to order replacement parts and flaps. I would not be at this site ordering, if my cleaning lady had not soaked the yellow flap in detergent water this morning! I do not think I will ever get all the soap out of it!

Nice Door!!8/1/15
The first pet door I had..well, no insulation and when a -11 F cold snap came from AK and my door was open at a 90d angle, I had to improvise! Eventually I replaced the original door and added the weather door which made a major difference in the cold room and my heat bill.

Only complaint is the difficulty in installation. The door is made for a normal door but I changed it to accommodate a cabinet door (not as thick) but once done it's worked perfectly!! Maybe not "perfect"...the neighbor dogs have found where to come to camp and mooch a dinner or two!

One of these dogs is a Mastif cross...the large door is a little tight but for Lab size and smaller, it works. The cat isn't overly's heavy for him but it can be done.