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The perfect door for extreme climates, the Extreme Weather Pet Door™ protects your home from extreme temperatures while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This durable door with a 3-flap system delivers maximum energy efficiency that’s 3-½ times higher than our standard single-flap pet doors.


Small children can pass through door.
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Key Features

Maximum energy efficiency is 3.5 times higher than our single-flap pet doors


  • 3-flap system offers protection from the elements
  • Paintable plastic frame
  • Fits doors 1 5/8 - 2 1/4 inches thick
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Snap-on closing panel included; additional closing panel (sold separately) can be used for added insulation

Door Sizing Chart

How to measure your pet
Door Size Pet Size Flap Opening Frame Dimensions Cut Out
Small Up to 15 pounds 5 1/8” x 8 1/4" 7 1/2” x 11” 6 3/8” x 10 1/8”
Medium Up to 40 pounds 8 1/8" x 12 1/4” 10 1/2" x 15” 9 3/8” x 14”
Large Up to 100 pounds 10 1/8” x 16 1/4” 12 1/2” x 19 7/8” 11 3/8” x 19”

Extreme Weather Doors


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Door worked fine except for the cover, 10/13/14
I reviewed the wimpy cover by itself, so to me this is strictly about the door. The door itself was fine. It seemed to do what it said it could. One of the dogs living at my house tore up the flaps because the cover couldn't stay on the outside to keep him from getting to it (I will blame the dog for this as well, because the other dog living at my place didn't even try). With that being said, while the flaps got ruined, the dog door stayed in place, even with use of the nylon screws. Using different techniques to keep the dog from trying to bore his way into the house, the dog would try very hard to get in, and through that whole issue, with him literally trying to tear his way in, the dog door didn't move a muscle. So to me the door is fine, its the wimpy cover that needs to be fixed.

Excellent for Michigan Weather, 10/12/14
Since I installed the Large Extreme Weather Door several years ago, it has endured extreme Michigan winters and 4 large dogs. I just now have to replace the insulated panel and one flap. The only reason I gave it four out of five stars is that the plastic snap-on closing panel can easily be removed by my dogs and does not stay on without having something propped up against it. I would love to have a cover/panel for this door that prevents access by my dogs, wildlife and burglars.

Won't keep them out of the house, 9/13/14
I have this door installed in an exterior door going in to the kitchen. It does work better at keeping the cold out than any other door I've tried. When the weather changes things do shift around so the flaps don't match up to the edges the same way in the summer as they do in the winter so cold air does still come around it. It's not too bad. However, if you have big, persistent dogs like I do, you should probably find something stronger. I haven't had any problems with the door or the flaps, but the plastic door cover is terrible. It's a piece of plastic that snaps on both sides of the door, not a nice piece of metal that fits in a frame like the other doors. My dogs soon figured out that if you hit the door hard enough the sides will break and in they go. You can also put the door on the outside, they figured out how to dig at the edges until they pried the cover off. Overall, it works well if you let the dogs go in and out all the time but if you need to keep them locked in or out you'll probably need something different.

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