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Dual Jack 3-Pin Replacement Charger

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The adaptor has finally gave way. I has had a hard life of being dropped and snagged and pulled and yet survived for six years. My wife pulled it off the controller and the plug in broke off exposing the 3 wire pieces. the plug in had been bent and she went to straighten it out and pull it out

The charger needs to be redesigned. We only had it a couple of months when the plastic housing around the wire terminals broke off. So for a long time you had to be very careful when plugging it in to recharge. Now finally the charger will not charge at all. Probably because you can't get the terminal's lined up right to make contact with the dog color. I will be getting a new charger, thankfully it is not expensive. However I am not happy about it. I just don't want to spend $150 on another brand of dog collar.

SPORTDOG RESPONSE: We are sorry you had trouble with the adapter. We hope your replacement is treating you well. Our newer models do include an updated adapter design. If you are interested in an updated model, check out our SD-425 Family or the SD-825.