Elite Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

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The PetSafe® Elite Outdoor Bark Control includes a digital timer that can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at specific times, just like an alarm clock. When the Elite Outdoor Bark Control is within range of barking, an internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is activated. The unit emits an ultrasonic sound which cannot be heard by most humans, similar to a dog whistle. Startled by the high-pitched sound, the dog should associate his barking with the noise and stop barking. The attractive and discreet unit will look right at home anywhere in your yard, whether it’s hanging up or free-standing on a table or other area. With a range of 50 feet, the ultrasonic sound could cover a 1/4 acre yard.

Key Features

  • Uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound to disrupt nuisance barking
  • Built-in timer has two programmable on/off presets
  • Works on all dogs within hearing range
  • Coverage projects in a cone shape of about 150 degrees in front of the speaker


  • Range up to 50 feet
  • Sound sensor detects bark
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • For outdoor use only
  • Uses 9V alkaline battery (not included)

Elite Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control


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Worked immediately, 8/21/14
We put this out in our backyard with our two dogs while we went swimming yesterday. Typically they bark at any noise in the accompanying yards but after a few barks we had two hours of quiet swimming without a single peep from either of them. Brilliant but yet a power switch as others have said would be nice. With the amazing result though I can look past that

First bark free evening!, 4/26/14
We have three dogs - Great Dane, Husky, and a German Shepherd. The Shepherd is our noisy dog. Barks inside to let us know every time a car drives by - we live in town and can hear the cars ourselves, so it really isn't needed! Barks to go out. Then barks at bugs, birds, shadows as if she is the last line of defense against these horrors. She has been known to bark instead of potty, so the whole cycle starts over again. The other dogs would nip at her when it got too bad. Last night, we brought the dogs outside while we hung up my new favorite yard decoration. And then it happened. A dreaded bird flew into our yard and the shepherd started barking. Then stopped. Tried again, and stopped. I can't believe it was this easy.

worst design ever!!, 4/20/14
an insane designALISON you nailed it. Who in their right mind would design any electronic device WITHOUT an on/off switch? Do you go to the basement and turn off the circuit breaker that feeds your washing machine to put in another load of wash, because the machine doesn't have an on/off switch? A stupid oversight.

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