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Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence™ System


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I Love The Product, 6/22/14
I have three rescued cats. I bought Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar for my two older cats (2 and 3 yr. old). I wasn't 100% convinced that the fence will work, but I thought I will give it a try anyways before I turn my yard into a war zone just to keep them in. The fence is so easy to install, and my cats doesn't mind wearing the PetSafe collar (which I thought was too big, but it is light weight). Training them is a bit challenging. I followed the recommended tie-out training method, but only did it for two days. On the third day, I let them roam around the yard to figure it out themselves (at this point, they are responding well to the warning beep and have learned to associate the beep with the shock).

It's been a month since, and I am very pleased with the results. I do not have to worry about them being outside anymore. I'm glad that I can keep them in the yard safe and happy!

amazing product!, 4/6/14
Before buying this system I did my share of on-line research, and there seemed to be some controversy over whether systems like this one are safe and effective for cats. My experience has been 100% positive. The system was easy to set up, with the wires running at the top and bottom of our wooden fence. The collar was comfortable enough even for my rather fussy cat. Best of all, the cat learned quickly and fairly painlessly not to climb the wooden fence --- after having been an intractable wanderer in a neighborhood that (like most) is full of dogs, speeding cars, and other lethal hazards.

Here are some things I didn't know until I tried it:

(1) The lowest 'static correction' setting, 2, is barely as much of a shock as you get from touching your car door or your cat's nose on a dry day. Yet that very mild level of shock (not even enough to make a human say ouch) was enough to get my cat's attention.
(2) The warning beep sounds about ten seconds before the 'static correction.' Once having learned to associate the beep with the shock, which took him only about two times, the cat now consistently moves away from the fence in response to the beep -- without receiving any further shocks.
(3) The 'boundary radius' has a range of adjustment levels, which in my case translated into roughly 6 inches to two feet. A setting of 7, or about a foot and a half, was necessary to keep the cat from making his usual flying leap onto the wooden fence.
(4) The recommended training method involving a leash and flags did not work for us. I might be wrong, but I don't think cats learn like that! What worked in our case is that the boundary corresponded to an obvious physical barrier (the wooden fence), and the training just reinforced that there was something scary about crossing that barrier.

The cat is happily playing in the back yard as this is being written, and I'm very pleased with the freedom this product has given us to keep letting him go out there.