Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar™

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Each time your dog barks, the sound-sensitive Anti-Bark Spray Collar releases a spray of harmless citronella . The spray interrupts the dog’s pattern of barking. Over time, most dogs are gradually conditioned to stop barking. The product includes a refill can of citronella spray, and complete instructions on how to use. This is a safe, effective and humane way to end your dog’s cycle of nusiance barking.

Key Features

  • Gentle spray stops barking
  • 40-50 sprays per refill, 400-500 sprays per can
  • Good/low battery and spray indicator


  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • 2 levels of spray correction: short and long spray
  • Collar uses PetSafe 3-Volt CR2 battery (included)
  • Manually adjustable
  • Sound sensor detects bark

More Information

To refill the collar, make sure the unit is turned off. Hold the refill spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold for 15 seconds or until unit is full, then remove the can. If spray leaks out, you may need to press harder to complete the seal.


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Love this product, 3/12/14
I came to this site to buy more of these. I have 5 dogs and have been through lots collars. I like these the best. My favorite feature is that I can see how full of liquid it is. I also like the battery monitor. I have not had problems with failure either which is another big plus. I had plenty of failures with other collars. My dogs are tough on collars but these have held up. As my other collars fail I will continue to add these. This will be my third. Sorry to hear other people had problems.

failed to work, 10/31/13
bought the Petsafe Deluxe Anti Bark Spray Collar and it worked for a short time and now does not spray anymore. Put in a new battery and still does not work. A very expensive item and is now useless. Very disappointed with your product.


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with the PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar. In some cases this unit can develop an air lock which can cause it to stop spraying or not spray enough. We do have a procedure which normally will resolve this issue and have provided this information below:

•Place the device on a hard surface and empty the device with a pen or something similar. Press down on the fill up valve to empty the device completely.

•Next, blow into the microphone and listen for a click. If you do not hear a click, check to ensure that the strap does not cover the microphone and tap the device a few times on the hard surface in an effort to release any potential vapor locks.

•After tapping the device on the hard surface, blow into the microphone again. If you hear a click, the device should now be operational. With the device still placed on the hard surface, please refill and test the collar.

If you continue to experience this issue, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677 so that we may provide a possible solution.

Collars do not last very long. Dissatified., 10/26/13
Bought 3 of these collars, did not use for a while. When I went to use batteries were dead. Bought new batteries. Spray does not work on one, has a hissing noise and leaks. Spray refills do not last very long. Overall I think this product should last a lot longer for the amount of money. I now have to replace 2 of them since they no longer work properly after a few weeks of use.


We apologize that you have had this experience with the PetSafe Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar. This PetSafe product is covered by a one year limited warranty. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677 so that we may provide a possible solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

Poor Design, 9/21/13
I purchased this as an upgrade from a lesser model and was excited that it came with indicators for both spray level and battery. First off, the design of this unit is horrible since the collar loops through the back of the device and covers the sensor. I first tested it by blowing into it without the strap on and it worked fine, then I blew into it with the strap in place and it still worked but required a much harder blow. Then I put it on my dog and had her bark... nothing. After much trouble shooting and cutting my dogs neck fur and making the strap much tighter than was necessary for the previous unit, it only would spray every 20-30 barks from my dog. I did also try attaching the strap so it goes around the front and leaves the sensor open in the back but this then made the unit sit too far from my dogs neck. All in all, a very disappointing purchase due to poor design.


We apologize that the Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar has failed to meet your expectations. Please know that your comments have been passed on to the appropriate teams for review. We do value your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. If you would like to discuss this issue with us, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677.

Breaks after a month, 9/15/13
Purchased two of these, worked like a charm for a month, then quit spraying. Purchased two more, which worked like a charm for 3 months, then quit spraying! Refreshed the batteries and cleaned the nozzles with air. It activates, but doesn't spray. So, I purchased your "elite" model, which never worked at all. You should perfect your product before charging such high prices. I'm a very frustrated customer. It works, when it works, but it most often doesn't!


We apologize that you have had this experience with the Deluxe Anti-Bark Spray Collar. We would like the opportunity to offer additional troubleshooting tips or replacement options. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677 so that we may provide a possible solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

Waste of money, 6/22/13
I purchased 3 of these collars.I have 3 dogs all with different levels of bark issues. The biggest problem dog barks ,turning her head to avoid the spray until its empty! I have adjusted the collar ,the spray stream, everything. She will empty it and go back to merrily tormenting myself and the neighborhood! While I am home I have reverted to a water spray bottle! . I am down to one collar! One unit doesnt even power on now(3 months old)despite multiple battery changes. One unit powers on and sprays nothing. it clicks .it wants to spray .nothing. I tried to"clean out" the sprayer . nothing! .Terrible product! I will note that on my 2 other dogs this worked well. but they are easy dogs with good temperaments. The dog this is necessary for is high strung, determined,and a bully. She, I think likes the challenge! I am now searching for a static collar for her. I dont believe I will go with petsafe again