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The Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash can help you enrich your cat’s life with the sights, sounds, and smells of a safe outdoor experience. It gives you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten. Now you can share enjoyable walks, exercise, and playtime outside your home. The bungee leash was specially designed to gently and securely control your cat. When your cat moves forward, the leash flexes with your cat’s movement and tightens across the harness shoulder straps. This removes pressure from the delicate throat area, preventing your cat from choking or escaping.

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Key Features

  • Unique bungee leash design provides “give” when your cat approaches the end of the leash
  • Adjustable harness creates a custom fit for your cat.
  • Dual adjustment points give a snug, safe fit
  • Harness design applies gentle pressure to shoulders, not throat, to safely restrain your cat
  • Available in 3 sizes and 6 colors


  • Made of nylon
  • 3/8 inch
  • Part Numbers: GTA00-14722

More Information

Think cats can't enjoy the great outdoors? Think again! In a few short training sessions, you can show your cat that your yard is a fun place to explore. Keep it short and pleasant at first, allowing your cat to explore at her own pace and escape back to a safe place if she feels scared.

Harness Sizing Chart

Harness Size Pet Width/Girth Pet Size
Small 9-11 inches Kittens and Small Cats
Medium 10.5-14 inches Small and Average Cats
Large 13-18 inches Average and Large Cats

Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash


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Works for me... and kitty, too., 9/3/14
I ordered the small harness for our kitten after reading up on the subject of leash training cats (we started here: I've owned a half-dozen cats over the years, but this is my first attempt at leash-training. So far, so good.

Yes, the harness took a little getting used to, for both of us. Our kitten - now 4 months old - still doesn't care for the process of getting it over her head - I have to set her on my lap to do it. But this is a pretty minor inconvenience - it just takes a moment and once done, I have no problem fastening the girth straps... after I fit the harness over her head, I give her a treat (a small spoonful of strained meat baby food), which she's so busy lapping up that she's oblivious to what I'm doing. And once the harness is in place, she's perfectly fine with it - it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

We've been taking her out daily, and it's obvious she enjoys being outdoors. We haven't tried training her to walk on it yet - rather, we just take her out and follow her around. But I'd like to work up to directing her - at least for short distances.

In addition to writing this review, I'm also here to order the "medium" leash... our kitty is growing up fast, so I want to be prepared. Her training been going well so far, so the "Come With Me Kitty" harness looks like a keeper!

The best harness & leash for your cat, 9/1/14
GREAT harness & leash for felines. Specially designed to prevent cats from being able to get out of them when fitted properly. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes which is nice as well. There is a "training" process to get cats to feel comfortable walking on a harness & leash, but its a great way to increase your cat's exercise, a nice way to enjoy your time together, and a safe way for your cat to experience the outdoors.

My girl, Tiffany, loves walking on her harness & leash! I use it on her about once a week, especially when I take her to work with me!

**I would like to note that not all cats can (or should) be harness & leash trained. Please keep in mind your own cat's personality and medical needs. Do not bring your kitten/cat outside without all of their vaccinations being completely up to date. Also make sure to flea, tick and worm treat regularly.

Fantastic , 8/28/14
I do use these leads in my garden with my persian cats . Obviously they didn't like it at first because it is un natural to them so you have to put in time and train a cat to a lead a few minutes a day and build up to longer untill they love it . I also use these leads for walking my 3 chihuahuas . These are the best leads ever as they give my dogs a little freedom but not too much to get tangled like a retractable lead . Fab !!!!

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