Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Collar

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The PetSafe Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar is simple to operate. When your dog barks, a burst of citronella-scented spray is emitted, which dogs find unpleasent. While not harmful, it deters excessive barking.

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Key Features

  • Gentle spray stops barking
  • 40-50 sprays per refill
  • Good/low battery and spray indicator


  • For dogs 40 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 28 inches
  • Perfect Bark® sound & vibration sensors - only your dog’s bark causes correction
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses 6-volt alkaline battery (included)

More Information

To refill the collar, make sure the unit is turned off. Hold the refill spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold for 15 seconds or until unit is full, then remove the can. If spray leaks out, you may need to press harder to complete the seal.

Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Collar


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Started working on the first day, 5/2/14
My house backs onto a neighborhood trail. Every house that backs onto the trail has wrought iron fencing, so everyone's dog can see what goes on there. Several of the dogs are pretty vocal, one of them almost all day. When one barks, often others will join in. I got a dog a year ago and lately he has been one of the dog's who adds to the chorus, sometimes barking and sometimes howling and sometimes nothing at all. And I have no idea what goes on when I'm gone. I feel especially bad because when I first moved in, my son-in-law complained to our next door neighbor about their dog's non-stop barking. Within a couple of weeks, the barking stopped completely. I don't know what they did, but it worked right away. I would rather not resort to a shock collar because I wouldn't want to use it on a person (not that I'd necessarily spray them with citronella either, but it's a kinder).The first day that my dog wore the collar, the barking stopped. The sure test was when I walked to the mailbox. Usually, as I close the front door, he immediately starts making this awful fuss -- not barking, but something between a howling and yipping. It sounds something like he's being tortured. This time: nothing. It's only been four days, but so far it is 100% effective.

Would not recommend, 4/17/14
I bought two collars from Petsmart. First, it would be nice if it had a simple on/off button. The on/off button is on the bottom of the collar and requires you to hold it down until a red or green light appears which can take quite a long time and it doesn't always work. It is not a defective collar because both are the same. I did read the manual and went through the troubleshooting tips and the collars just do not work properly. The spray must be refilled several times a day to continue to work. It you plan to use it while you are away from home it is a waste because the spray will not last. Really disappointed.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We are sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered with your PetSafe Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar!
The ON/OFF button should only require the button to be pressed and released. To reset the spray counter, it is required to press and hold down the ON/OFF button until a yellow light appears, which can take a few seconds. Once this bark collar has been refilled with spray, it should be able to activate about 40 times before another refill is needed.
Please know that these collars are backed by a 1 year limited warranty. We will be attempting to contact you in order to offer troubleshooting and replacement assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Customer Care Center directly at 1-800-732-2677.

Ineffective, 2/22/14
I was optimistic that after 2 battery operated collars that this might do the trick. Unfortunately that was not the case. I gave it about a month, and while it reduces the barking by a little, my boxer/pit bull mix still barks a lot and the neighbors complain while we're away at work. I don't know what else to do. Next thing is the rechargeable one. Very dissatisfied and at a loss...

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