Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Collar

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The PetSafe Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar is simple to operate. When your dog barks, a burst of citronella-scented spray is emitted, which dogs find unpleasent. While not harmful, it deters excessive barking.

Key Features

  • Gentle spray stops barking
  • 40-50 sprays per refill
  • Good/low battery and spray indicator


  • For dogs 40 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 28 inches
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses 6-volt alkaline battery (included)
  • Perfect Bark® sound & vibration sensors - only your dog’s bark causes correction

More Information

To refill the collar, make sure the unit is turned off. Hold the refill spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold for 15 seconds or until unit is full, then remove the can. If spray leaks out, you may need to press harder to complete the seal.


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Ineffective, 2/22/14
I was optimistic that after 2 battery operated collars that this might do the trick. Unfortunately that was not the case. I gave it about a month, and while it reduces the barking by a little, my boxer/pit bull mix still barks a lot and the neighbors complain while we're away at work. I don't know what else to do. Next thing is the rechargeable one. Very dissatisfied and at a loss...

Works amazing, 1/19/14
I took care of my friends pitbul for 6 weeks, as he wasn't potty trained for indoors I proceeded to house him in the backyard, within the first day of his owner leaving him he proceeded to bark non-stop for hours un-ending to the point where I had two noise complaints within the same day from surrounding neighbors, given that we rent they proceeded to inform our landlord the following day and she gave us the option of housing him elsewhere or finding a way to keep him quiet, at first I left him indoors which I thought would solve the problem but he proceeded to bark indoors too and non-stop, after two nights of not sleeping I looked into bark collars and the people I talked to recommended a spray collar vs. a shock collar "hands down", it was a tad expensive but I had no options at this point, when I got home I put it on him immediately and it literally took two barks before he realized what was going on, after that it was a matter of days before the barking was completely under control, it saved my sleep and peace of mind with the neighbors.

Too sensitive., 11/28/13
Would be a good product if you could set sensitivity. Goes off on even small whines or huffs. We have a German Shepherd, and they are vocal to begin with. He shouldn't get sprayed just for a making a noise that isn't remotely like a bark. We adjusted collar looser and tighter with no difference.

PETSAFE RESPONSE: We appreciate your feedback and apologize that the design of this bark collar does not meet your expectations. Please know that we are always looking for ways to improve our products, and we have forwarded your suggestion for an adjustable sensitivity level to the Training Team for review. This particular collar does have a vibration and tone sensor to help prevent unnecessary activation. We do recommend to only use this device when you are trying to prevent your pet from barking. If this collar does not seem to be a good fit for your pet, there are various other Bark Control products that may better suit your needs. You can view these products by using the link below:

Quinn, 11/8/13
I purchased this product direct from Petsafe for my 75 lb. 9 year old dog. As she has gotten older, she has gotten louder and no proceeds to bark in a howl-like fashion at everyone and everything that drives by. I purchased a rechargeable shock collar and it did not stay charged. I then exchanged it for this collar. I have gone through 3 batteries and at least 1 full can of spray and it does nothing. I made sure it is snug enough and still nothing. I'm at my whits end, so I am going to try a shock collar with changeable batteries. Third time is the charm, right?


We apologize that you have had this experience. If you would like to discuss additional troubleshooting and training tips with us, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677. We look forward to hearing from you.