Basic Static Remote Trainer

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The Basic Remote Trainer makes training easy and affordable for any budget. With a 75 yard range and 12 levels of static stimulation and two tone training options, you can communicate with your dog and reinforce good behavior off-leash.

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  • 12 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Range up to 75 yards
  • 1 dog training only
  • Part Numbers: RFA-486

System Includes

  • Remote Transmitter
  • Receiver Collar
  • Wrist Strap
  • Test Light Tool
  • 4 3-volt Lithium Batteries (CR3032)
  • Operating and Training Guide

Basic Static Remote Trainer


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awewome product, 10/4/14
I have read reviews on here stating unit dies quick in 24 hrs or less and poor design. My batteries which i byy at the dollar store last about a week concerning the back my batteries never fall out as unless your a idiot it locks foolproof. They are also barkers and now when ppl or ppl with dogs go past a quick beep fixes it no need for correction otherwise. I wish to buy another unit soon so i can train both together. I have two dogs a husky sheppard and border collie rotti mix my high strung border collie was a runner didnt listen ever once i got this unit he will not leave yard with constant training for a week even with collar off he will not pass his barrier i have set. He only wears it when he " forgets" and
needs it

I liked this product, 10/2/14
I have a very spirited 80 pound german shepherd puppy that needed a little help to listen to training commands. This collar worked great even on a lower setting. My only issue is that the battery door fell out and was lost. Not the best design. The retailer did not stock a replacement so I went to the website. I was able to order it (learned my lesson and got two) but shipping takes 7-10 days! I could have chosen a 3 day option for 10 times what the item cost. Big setback in training regimine...

Poor water ingress resistance and power requirement design, 9/15/14
I have a 65 lb English fox hound who needed some correction. Mainly he digs under the 8 ft chainlink fence that his enclosure and chews EVERYTHING, shoes, trash, tools etc. I purchased an electric cattle fence, thinking something designed to stop a 3 ton bull would be adequate for a 65lb dog, alas, no. He is a determined fellow,

Anyway, the petsafe guardian is great for a training aid if you are going to put the collar on the dog, do an hour or so of behavioral modification then remove the collar and secure the dog. If you want it for a 24 / 7 way to remind him you're watching when he does something or just a failsafe if he starts regressing to previous behaviors, forget it, battery holder design is ill conceived, O ring leaks and allows water in to the unit (unit was aweek old) and battery drains in about a day if you leave it on (hard to chase down your dog turn on the unit and then give him a tone when he legs it down the road).

Like I say, as astructured training tool works great, but understand it's limitations, it cannot be used for constant monitoring.

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