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Problems with ball launcher

No way to disable, extend or override the 15-minute timeout function.
When the dog plays with the ball a couple of minutes before putting it back in the launcher and it only gets launched a couple of times before timing out, he gets bored and stops playing with it. Turning the unit off and back on doesn’t clear the timeout and, if anything, it starts back at the beginning making it even longer. Having this feature on should be an owner’s decision.

No way to defeat or override the motion sensor.
Having this feature on should be an owner’s decision. Sometimes it causes more problems than it solves.

No way to turn off the beep that occurs right before launching.
The dog puts the ball in the launcher and sits at the side of the launcher awaiting the launch. Then comes the beep, he jumps out in front of the launcher and the motion sensor stops the launch. He sits in front of the launcher waiting for the launch, gets bored and stops playing with the launcher. Turning off that beep and just launching the ball would make the launcher much more pleasurable for the dog. Having this feature on should be an owner’s decision.

For the money, this item should have received a lot more field testing in real home situations.

PetSafe Response

We thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. These are safety features which were added during the testing process but we do understand your frustrations. We do value your suggestions and they have been passed along to our design team for further review and consideration.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team at 1-800-732-2677.

Dixie loves her ball launcher and gets really excited every time I bring it out for her!

Not as expected11/22/16
Although I do love the height of the thrower for my Miniature Poodle, she cannot knock it over and carry it around like the [Other Brand] (she ruined that one in about 10 plays). One thing is the sensor in the front. Once she drops the ball in she runs to the front because she knows the ball is coming out so the sensor will stop it and then I have to walk her around the back to get away from the front, it's very frustrating. I also have another big dog that will stand in front of it waiting for her to drop the ball so I have to move her too. I did read somewhere you can put electrical tape over the sensor to disable it but need to watch it because may hit them in the face. Another problem, there is only 15 minutes of play which is not enough time for my dog, then 15 minutes of rest. Not near enough time for play. It also doesn't throw very far or high and is very noisy when it shoots the ball out so it may scare some dogs. Even with all of the negatives my dog does love it and I like it better than the [Other Brand] . With the [Other Brand] she would scratch at it, knock it over and it was a real pain but I did have the small one. I will end up keeping this machine and she does really love it. It's really great for my house since it doesn't throw very high or far. She definitely would play with this for an hour or more if she could. They should definitely change the 15 minute play, 15 minute rest on their next model.


Thank you for taking the time to share your Miniature Poodle's experience with the Automatic Ball Launcher. The safety sensor is built into the Automatic Ball Launcher to help prevent your dogs from becoming hurt by the ball. This safety feature also helps in training dogs using the unit to keep away from the front. As these steps are an important part in helping to ensure pets stay safe, we definitely would not recommend putting a piece of tape over the sensor.

The Automatic Ball Launcher has clearly audible prompts to help communicate with pets playing with it. The sounds let them know that the ball is about to be thrown. The 15 minutes of rest after 15 minutes of play help prevent dogs with strong predatory chase drives from becoming overexerted. In some dogs, this drive is so strong that they can continue playing past the point of exhaustion to an unhealthy level. As you know your dog best, you can continue with games of fetch or other fun activities during this period of rest if you feel your pets aren’t yet ready for a break. This also helps keep the play time with the Automatic Ball Launcher as a fun activity that is different from your normal play behaviors. The throw distance of the Automatic Ball Launcher can be adjusted with the knobs on the sides of the unit. As it has 9 distance and 6 angle settings, the Automatic Ball Launcher can launch the ball anywhere from 8 - 30 feet. If you need assistance with these adjustments, please give us a call for troubleshooting and setup help!

We appreciate any and all feedback, and this has been passed along to our design and development teams for review. If you have any additional questions we can be reached at 1-866-738-4379.

I'm so glad I decided to buy it. I wasn't quite sure my dog would play with it because he's not that big of a fan of playing fetch but he absolutely love it! It's great for inside and outside because of the different ranges of distance and height I definitely recommend this product if you have a younger dog that's full of energy and loves to play